The ability to create referral links for influencers/sales reps to refer investors to specific pools and receive part of the referred performance fees. This will help scale funds and grow AUM as a whole on the platform.
With this, would be the ability for Managers to view performance fees on an investor to investor basis and manage lists of referrals for affiliates. Payouts for referrals should be designated to a specific wallet address designated by the influencers/sales agents.
Every influencer with their own special pool-permalink and the Manager should be able to set what percentage of the performance fee to share with the influencer for every affiliated depositor. or share in the Management fee etc. The influencer should have a wallet to designate where they want these fees to be collected as performance fees are minted.
A referred investor would be worth their pool shares X pool share price, or the total value they have deposited in the pool.
This could be optional, the manager should be able to set a time period of when the performance fee will be shared, or indefinitely as long as that investor is invested.
If the investor withdrawals all of their funds and then re-deposits, the manager should have the choice of disabling or re-enabling the share of performance fees.